“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Hi beautiful friends!

Well, I can’t believe this that I’m typing right now and this is going to actually happen! Maybe it’s the start of summer, maybe it’s turning 30 a week from today (oof), or hell maybe we can even blame it on me being a Gemini but I’m starting a blog. I’ll be talking about travel, teaching, and my simple-ish life in the Rocky Mountains. I figured the world needed another blog 🙂

You can rest assured that I will use improper grammar frequently and at times be redundant. But, the overwhelming feeling to share my story is pushing me to start what I hope to be an amazing journey. Or something for all of us to laugh at.

I get messaged, asked, and DM’d multiple times a week from anyone, strangers or friends old and new saying, “I wish I could do that!”, “How do you plan for your trips?”, or my least favorite question, “Aren’t you scared traveling alone?”. I plan to shed light into the travel I do, funny teaching stories that guide my life perspective, and the moments in between that make life worth living.

What do you guys want to see? The most embarrassing teaching moments? What goes into deciding where to go? What my weekly inspirations are (cue John Mayer’s new music video)? How I decide what to do on a trip? Let me know in the comment section!

I don’t have it close to being figured out but here’s to trying…XxAbby


  • Anonymous

    Yayyy!! This is so exciting! I know it’s annoying to talk about, but I also hear from people about being a woman traveling alone. I would definitely write a little diddly on your feels about it, maybe an empowering essay for those out there that don’t feel like they can spread their wings on their own? You are so radical and brave, spread it!! 😘 also…when are you coming home?

    • admin

      It’s so funny how, at least so far, all the people I’ve met are pretty similar despite language, location, etc. Seeing that MOST of the world is made up of good people trying to enjoy life makes me happy!

  • April Evans

    Yay! This is so refreshing and inspiring. I want to see where you’re staying and what you’re eating throughout your travels! 🤤 Crazy teaching stories are the best! We’ve had some good ones. Can’t wait to keep reading. —April

    • admin

      So many food posts coming your way! Thank you for always being such a supportive friend, I really want that drink when I get back!

  • Lynne

    I’m so excited for this blog! The teacher in me loves good a classroom story and the traveler in me can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Keep kicking ass and living life! Love you lady!!

    • admin

      We’ll need to do a hike so I can feature it! Can’t wait to see you so soon 🙂 you’re the best Mrs. Murphy!

  • Anonymous

    More Food, definitely upload a playlist of music that gets you through the day and off the grid gems that you discover! – Motley

    • admin

      I’ve been loving SZA since I saw you post about her. Making me step up my music game, I’m pulling together some fresh finds for your ears!

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