“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

30th Birthday

Yes, you read that right. While I know all of you are probably thinking, “How? You don’t look a day over 23, maybe 24” and you’re right, but the truth is I turned 30 yesterday.

Thank you to everyone for the kindest, most beautiful day of well wishes from all over. You made me feel so truly special.

I use to be so afraid of getting older but in the last couple years I’ve just felt pure gratitude. I am so lucky to have this life, the people in it, and the future to look forward to. There are lots of things to be afraid of in this world but I no longer waste that emotion on getting older. How do you guys feel about getting older?

I’m flew to Bocas Del Toro, Panama two days ago and it was one of those quick trips I put inside an existing trip (I love doing that) because I’d seen a picture somewhere and thought, I’m just too damn close not to stop by. I went to Starfish Beach (look it up) and had the most relaxing day i.e. sipping cocktails, reading books on my phone, and catching as many rays as possible.

I’ll post more about Bocas later but here’s some fun snapshots I got.

I will spare you all the 500+ more photos of starfish I have but this place was paradise.

I head home today and while I get so nostalgic at the end of trips, going over the small intricacies that I’ll miss, more than anything I am so ready to sleep in my bed. Sleep in my bed, shower in my shower, and wear something besides the 6 outfits I brought.

What do you guys love to do when you get done with a trip? XxAbby

Straight up Jurassic Park vibes on the walk to the beach. All the Jeff Goldblum quotes.

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