“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.” – Anna Quindleny

20 Hours.

That’s how long I was home before going off and taking my next trip. Undeniably the fastest turn around I’ve had to date for ending one trip and beginning another. Landing in Denver at 11 pm Thursday night only to jump on a 16 hour train to Iowa at 7 pm the next day sounds insane when I type it but was actually so fun. Thankfully I had plenty of clean underwear ready to go.

I’ve been spending this extended weekend out in the country visiting my boyfriends family and truly living the small town America life. I’ve eaten to the brim everyday enjoying tamales, a whole roasted pig, and the famous “Wallyburger” from the Fort Diner.

We spent yesterday morning at a local winery doing a full tasting for $5, uh what? They had wine slushies I of course had to sample and then went to the local clubhouse for the taco/tamale weekly special and it was probably one of the best most delicious tacos I’ve ever had.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, did anyone eat anything really good? <<is it ridiculous that I judge a good weekend by the meals I had? Getting ready to release my first city review this week on Bocas Del Toro and I’d love to hear what everyone thinks of it when it comes out! XxAbbby

playing in cornfields
breakfast menudo made from the stomach of the roasted pig from the night before 🤤

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