“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” John Muir

Grand Teton National Parks

I absolutely loved Grand Tetons and managed to get so much into the one day we were there. The park is beautiful and outdoor sports are the highlight.


-Go to Jenny Lake and rent a kayak**We hiked (and got lost) around the lake in the most perfect way. There’s a lot of construction currently but we cruised right by it and really enjoyed the lake by both foot and water.

-Take the tram/gondola**So nice we did it twice 😍we took the tram up and while tickets were 40 something a piece (serious ouch) we had breakfast at the top and it was SO FUN. There were 4 or 5 types of waffles with not only coffee but spiked coffee, yahtzee! We ended up circling back after hiking to take the gondola up for the MOST amazing shishito pepper appetizer I’ve ever had. You seriously should not miss it.

-Go on moose watch**One of my favorite things we did was set up my tarpestry (my favorite thing ever), ate some snacks, and sat above this beautiful field looking for moose. We didn’t end up seeing any but stopping for a minute and really just relaxing together was amazing.


-Skip out on Teton Village**We loved it so much we went in the morning and grabbed a chai from the Moose Café then took the tram up for waffles. We ended up coming back for happy hour drinks and apps and walking around the village. It reminded me of a great Colorado little mountain town.

-Get caught in the tourist traps at Jackson Hole**I try and do as few “touristy” things as possible but sometimes you have to indulge. The town is cute but after about an hour and a half I was bored, especially when things are double or triple regular prices.

-Forget your outdoor equipment**While Yellowstone is totally a drive and see National Park the Grand Tetons are 100% an adventure park. Riding bikes, kayaking, and any other outdoor sport you can think of are absolutely everywhere.

I hope everyone’s having a great week! I’m gearing up for school to start and squeezing in my last bit of summer fun with a bachelorette party this weekend. XxAbby

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