“You take something with you. Hopefully, you leave something good behind.” – Anthony Bourdain

Has anyone else’s life just been moving at turbo speed lately? I feel like I haven’t had a moment to sit down since May but that’s kind of what I like to sign up for.

I can definitely get behind waking up early when ocean views are involved.

So I spent the weekend in Charleston and let me tell you, holy buckets, that place is fun. I’m not going to do a city review because I wasn’t there nearly long enough but if you get the chance, go. We ate insanely delicious (and so affordable!) dinners, had peel and eat shrimp on the beach, and I worked diligently on my White Claw sponsorship. I was actually there for a bachelorette party and having 10+ girls together can sometimes get a major eyebrow raise from me, but really, the group was perfection. A mixture of the best old friends with new incredible ones that just worked. It was awesome. We had a beach front house just 25 minutes outside of the city and while I love Colorado, really love it, the beach is always soo enticing to me. What do you guys think, beach or mountains?

I’m starting school this week and just get all the feels, like I’m losing myself almost, by going back to work. Living so differently in the summer, going out and seeing these beautiful places alone, climbing mountains, being so carefree, makes coming back to real life a full force stress fest sometimes. I contemplated this summer, more than ever, how to stop living traditionally. It’s something that’s so scary but at times feels so necessary and accessible. I’m going to keep revisiting the idea. Could you guys live unconventionally?

But then I have a day like today in which I get 100% rejuvenated and the passion of teaching is back full force. I start to meet my class tomorrow they’re coming in one by one and this might be the cutest group yet. I saw their pictures today and they look adorable (remind me of this in November 🤞🏽).

Since the next 4 weekends involve me dog/house sitting, going someplace special for T’s birthday (a surprise he has NO idea about 😈), a bachelor party, and babysitting for 3 nights while starting work again it’s safe to say I have a lot going on. I laughed in the car today thinking, “I can’t wait for September”, but then realized how absolutely insane that is. Even while being this busy I am going to vow to slow down when I can, do as much self care, and really stop and savor the good stuff these next couple weeks. What do you guys do to practice staying in the moment? I seriously need help on this!

Light your Beyoncé prayer candles (Molly), slaughter a sacrificial lamb, and pray for me as I start teaching again Thursday. But first, this week I’m going to start planning fall break 🤘🏽any guesses on where I’m going? XxAbby


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