“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates

So it’s been awhile. And it’s been extremely disappointing personally that it’s taken this long for me to carve out some time to sit down and actually type and focus on this. And what’s even worse is I KNEW this would happen with school starting. But today, Monday August 20th I am making the vow, again, to carve out time for the things that bring me true happiness, and writing this is one of them. I’m meeting myself with kindness and compassion instead of judgement on lacking to write a blog post in a whole week because sometimes life just gets crazy. And ask any teacher what the first weeks of school is like and they’ll probably say, crazy. But now as I’m drinking my tea and typing this out I know it’s all going to work out…so here it goes.

I can’t possibly begin to update on all the things I’ve done between there and here, especially with the weekend trip I just got back from at 8 pm last night. But I do want to highlight some ideas I’ve had lately on growth. I hate change. Let’s just make that real clear. More often than not I would prefer to stay in my routine, positive or negative, rather than deal with change. And why is that? Why is it so scary and uncomfortable? Because it’s different. And with me at a new school and new world basically I have been in the center of some epic change.

I started listening to Tony Robbins last week. Yeah, that’s how nuts I went. Inspirational speaker with an incredibly deep voice? I went there. And I’ve kind of fallen in love with changing up my morning commute by playing his podcasts. My favorite and most true hitting sentence from all my self help from last week? The simple question of, what is your focus? God, I love just even typing it. As someone who constantly gets overwhelmed planning for the next thing to avoid thinking about the present or moving at the speed of light every day I love this question.

What is your focus? It came from a TED Talks he did and it’s as simple as it sounds. Reminding yourself that your focus is where your energy goes. And for me, I can tend to focus on the negative, bad, terrible, awful no good stuff especially when stressed. I have a kid in my class this year who ran out of the room 7 times the first day. 7 times. What kind of trauma does a child like that have to experience to react such a way? A lot. And it’s sad and messy and he requires constant attention and I can’t/don’t want to give him that. Now before you judge me remember I have 20 something other sweeties who need to learn first grade stuff. So what’s my focus? It’s shifted, from a state of constant panic of making sure this one child is okay to taking care of the group. And it feels glorious.

The second I’ve been leaving school I’ve asked myself, what’s my focus? Not that place anymore because I am ultimately so much more than that. So this week I urge you, not to dive off the deep end like someone and begin Tony Robbins seminars (or do and tell me all about them please) but to remember your focus. It’s easy to get weighed down with the bad stuff. But there is so much good out there. XxAbby


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