“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment”-Eckhart Tolle

First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving time and is moving gracefully into these winter months. It can be a time when so much is going on and routines go by the wayside which I’m sure everyone feels differently about. Around our house things have been pretty normal IE total chaos. The house looks pretty good, I will give a full tour next week once we get the last pieces of major furniture this weekend. I have zero interior design intelligence so alllllllll the advice please as I have no idea to make things look cute or homey. Works been great and school has been going just so well. My special friend moved away with his family and while it was so sad I can’t lie and say it hasn’t made things tremendously easier day in and day out. The hard part was seeing, after so much progress, the last two weeks his behavior declining back into old routines and destructive rituals. We got a working number for where they are now and I plan on calling him this week so I have that to look forward to because of course now that he’s gone I miss him tremendously*teacher sigh*.

I didn’t go anywhere for Thanksgiving and spending time around the house was great. We got to enjoy our backyard on a few of the notoriously sunny Colorado days and I applied for a permit to The Wave over break as well. I will find out if we got a spot on Saturday so all crossed toes, fingers, voodoo is appreciated! I have really been on a work grind picking up shifts at my other jobs (a post coming soon on how I balance 3 jobs) to try and get out of some lingering debt ASAP. Is anyone else in debt? I saw the funniest meme about how if you’re 30, with $3 in your account, and $5000 in debt then you’re doing things just about right so ya know, just meme’s making me feel better. I watched a TED Talk this week with the title about how to become a millionaire in three years. The title alone made me laugh because, yeah right, if it was that easy that in a 13 minute TED Talk you could explain how to become a millionaire everyone would do it. However I think they’re interesting and more information, I believe, is never a bad thing. The good news is that they outlined the three things successful people do. The first one is read a book a month(specifically about what you want), analyze the 5 people you spend the most time with because we “are the sum of them” (I thought this was so interesting), and the last one was to set higher goals. They talked about how so many people use new years resolutions but they often fail because they don’t have plans. And goals without actionable plans always fail. It’s all some food for thought and I love finding new information and processing it for what I think is valuable.

Anxious vs. Eager

Today’s topic is coming in on on the cusp of me balancing these two feelings the last week+ or so. With the holidays and so much going on (somehow more than usual) it’s been really interesting in managing emotions lately. I’ve really been working on trying to harness away from anxious energy and with calming breaths go back into the eagerness of it all.

First of all I’m sure there’s plenty of people who don’t even know the differences between the two and for me, personally, it’s pretty simple. Anxious for me is more worried, faster heartbeat, but still being excited about something. Eager is less worry more excitement, and still happy/calm feelings knowing that something is coming. Either way dealing with anxious energy is never easy and this time of year it seems to come easily. I wish I had a five easy steps to dealing with it or tricks but I am working through this as much as the next person. My mom (love her) posted something this week and I’ve been trying my own version of it when I can remember and it’s basically a 5 step countdown. When feeling stressed stop and think about 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can smell, 2 things you can feel, and 1 thing that makes you feel happy.

I’ve been having some really gnarly bad dreams (waking up screaming) lately and I am looking into that this weekend on what it means (my one reoccurring bad dream) and what people suggest doing about it. Until then take care this weekend and don’t forget to do something for you! XxAbby

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