Market Monday-Broadway

I hope everyone had a great weekend and celebrated St. Patrick’s day with some good Irish cheer! I spent the weekend on a strict diet of cough drops and herbal tea. Ohhhh how the times have changed. Feeling sick is the worst and I’m hoping I’m on the mending end as we start spring break on Friday.


We have our first two giveaway winners! Laura A is our first one and the other will be announced IF I can reach them by email this week. Laura is the mother of one of my students from my first, first grade class, she was the best room mom ever and it makes me feel SUPER honored for her to be following this journey. So far I haven’t heard back from the other winner so make sure it’s not you! Enter that email to the side and I’m going to do a redraw on Wednesday if I still haven’t heard back!

With all that, let’s jump back into Market Monday. Here’s a new one for ya, Broadway Market…

Broadway Market

Having not even been open a month yet Broadway Market is the very new hot spot in the Golden Triangle. I’ve been twice so far, pretty early on a Saturday morning and a Thursday night for drinks with friends for a birthday. Both times the market has been super busy and thankfully they were overly prepared to open because so far service has been fast and pretty good. The highlights are without a doubt the “fob” system of swiping an electric fob for access to beer and food as well as the infamous beer wall that fills beers from the bottom up with help of a magnetic bottom. There’s a lot going down at this new establishment but it feels like a great fit for the neighborhood and will be a huge staple to the Broadway community.

Places I’ve Been

Maria Empanada-Empanada’s are one of those food groups that I don’t ever crave directly but once I get one I wonder why I don’t eat them more. Does anyone else have a food group like that?? These are top notch and I’ve had 3 different kinds all equally tasty. I definitely want to get my hands on a breakfast style next time. As a girl who in college thought about opening a restaurant called, “Sauces” (don’t ask) you really need to try the 5 or so rotating sauces that accompany these little pockets of heaven. Also, naturally just love this place for having a female owner, Lorena Cantarovici.

Mondo Mini-When T came up and said he had gotten us a “meat cone” as an appetizer I shot him, maybe, the most puzzling look in history. Exactly what it sounds like, a cone filled with various meats and cheeses (as he knows the way to my heart) Mondo Mini specializes in all things charcuterie. Grab and go meats and cheese are sort of their thing as they have corresponding set ups in both The Source and Stanley Marketplace.

Biju’s Little Curry Shop-This place is 10/10 for spicy delicious curry concoctions with the NICEST workers ever. With everything from vegan saag paneer to the most spicy delicious curry tots, your mouth is going to be doing a happy dance after sampling some of these treats. While the tots I got the second time around were a little lack luster the flavor is so there that I’m going to keep trying for that first impression perfection I experienced.

Royal Rooster-The. Chicken. Sandwich. Everyones talking about it and for real good reason. Hot fried chicken on a real carby potato roll with the perfect bite of lettuce and some spicy mayo if you’re feeling crazy can be devoured in a number of bites. Be warned. You might need 2.

Miette Et Chocolat- Boasting “the best chocolate chip cookie in the universe” on their page I was pretty skeptical. And then I had it. And if you like slightly crunchy around the outside 100% gooey very soft insides then this cookie is for you. And for me. And for everyone. This cookie is REALLY good. It’s baked the perfect way I like (people who like hard cookies shouldn’t be trusted IMO) and while it was my friends I pretty much ate the entire thing. Chocolate chip cookies with salt on them reign supreme in my book and even though I’ve already been here I definitely plan on coming back to try what else these madmen have up their sleeves *see devour worthy macaroons in top picture.

Next Time

Wonder-While not a huge “juice” girl I have heard the most rave reviews of this place and almost went last time because it was the start of my seemingly never ending sickness I am still experiencing. A Boulder based company offers all 100% organic juices with some pretty wild mixtures I am definitely trying the next time we mosey over.

Misaki-This sushi bar allows you to sit up close and personal as fresh oysters and sushi are rolled directly in front of you. I am kind of a sushi snob and have my beloved go to places around Denver that straight up drain the wallet so I am looking forward to seeing if I can get some high quality sushi just around the block for pretty affordable prices. Has anyone munched down here that can give me some insight?

That’s it for this weeks Market Monday but check back next week for one of my tried and true favorite markets in the Denver area. Let me know your initial thoughts about the new Broadway Market. And also be on the lookout this week for me to get back to some of my traveling trips as I begin spring break 2019! XxAbby


  • Darrah

    If you go to Misaki you have to try to the Tropical Coconut roll— it’s delish and we get it every time at their Stanley location! Also going to have to check out that chicken sandwich place and salted chocolate cookie… omg

    • Abby

      It might’ve been the most gooey delicious chocolate cookie ever. Thanks for always reading and being a super friend 😘😘😘😘love you so much

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